Is a maximal and masculine wear founded by Chavisa and Panatsaya with their passion in fashion and lifestyle. The brand inspired by the twist of gender and the context of strength through an aspect of women. The brand conveys another side as a lady apart from fragility and gentleness.
Strong, sharp and witty is who we truly are.


XTRASMALL aims to empower women confidence through high quality and fashionable clothing with fine details hidden with the sense of femininity. Yet, we passionate in contradiction and love
being bold. This is the reason hidden behind its name,

INSPIRATION : The main inspiration of the brand is being “Genderless” where men can dress as women and a women can be exactly as a men. In Xtrasmall context, we present the gender
twist through a gentlewomen wear which emphasis on how lady express their style with sharpness and confident that make them differ and yes, stronger.


Xtrasmall put a spotlight on the contradiction of elements. We adore the small differences that bold the hidden details. The strong twist of the design couple with majestic sizing make Xtrasmall a gentlewomen wear, the subtle aesthetic mixes of femininity & masculinity.

We use strong and clean cut technique as a key element to reflect our identity. At the same time, Xtrasmall pick the loose and majestic design to narrate our belief in being differ and bold.




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